“Kik friends” who doesn’t kick

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The era experiences a whole lot of teenagers and even the adults who are completely engrossed in text messaging. It may be through the normal text or a messenger which works with the use of the internet. It can be even said, that the teenagers are rather obsessed with this habit and find it difficult to spend a day without texting their kik friends or girlfriends/boyfriends, cousins or their colleagues.

Text your friends without spending a penny

The texting thing has grown so common that most of the telecom companies earn great revenue from the message pack that the users buy, but few people refrain from the use of normal text messages, owing to the high cost of the message pack, instead they opt for online messaging applications. The market is flooded with such applications, and the developers each day think of creating something unique to overpower the market. Kik is such an application, which has found to gain active users exponentially each day, with the present record of more than 50 million users engrossed in it completely.

Make friends across the world.

Kik has users all over the world, and all one needs is an account on it and the friend’s “kik id” to connect. Its layout is appreciable and provides fascinating features. The option to send images make the communication much easier and people can express their feelings easily. It can also be used to flirt with your loved one or propose the person in a different way. This app also serves well for people who hesitate to talk, who lack confidence to speak eye to eye, the ones who find difficult to get along with a stranger. Kik doesn’t let anybody be strangers; it helps one fill a basket with kik friends. One can easily play games, talk the stuffs you feared talking about, know different people and their culture and have a real blast with the kik friends”. It lets one discover new people and make great friends, sometimes one may even find a “kik friend” who grows special over the time.

Is your child, using the right application

The use of the Kik application has grown illicit and absurd for many users. People find it a tool for sexting and fulfilling their horny, kinky, desires. It has also been observed that the number of horny users has enormously increased and the trading and exchange of nude pictures is a common scene. The users try to make new friends out here who are complete strangers and satisfy their lust comfortably over a kinky conversation. To make this worse, it has also been reported that many cam sites have fake accounts to who actively participate to attract users to their particular site and increase traffic. It is necessary to make sure that the kids and their “Kikfriends” are not a part of such activity. Kik is mostly used by teenagers and such an influence may act harmful for them. It is necessary that the misuse of the application is not done and this indecent thing does not become a part of their in-school activity, since many lewd pictures of kids in uniforms have been recently observed.





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